News, features, and commentary from the biggest city in the Americas, Mexico City.

Strange Days on the Metro

Strange days have found us. Strange days have tracked us down … Walk down the stairs into Mexico City’s Metro system these days, and it really would be appropriate to … Continue reading

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Free TV’s! Vote Buying As Never Seen Before!

Another day, another massive waste of money on the part of the Mexican government. Now, apparently the Peña Nieto administration has deemed it necessary to hand out millions of free … Continue reading

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The Do-Nothing Summit

(TOLUCA) — He came, he had lunch, he said a few empty meaningless words, and he left. All within the space of eight hours and 25 minutes. That sums up … Continue reading

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Mexico City Officials Pretend to Enforce the Law … For One Day

At 5 pm Thursday afternoon, what seemed to be an invading army took the Condesa by storm, as a convoy of vehicles with flashing lights rolled down Avenida Tamaulipas, accompanied … Continue reading

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No Más Plantones: A Protest against Mexico City’s Endless Protests

Today on Avenida Reforma, at the Angel de Independencia, small business owners, restauranteurs, and others harmed by the actions of the radical Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de Educación (CNTE) teachers … Continue reading

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Mexico City: 33rd Most Livable City in Mexico!

When it comes to quality of life, which city is considered the best in Mexico? If you guess Mexico City, you’re almost right! It’s at the top of the list … Continue reading

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Fun Facts About Monterrey

By Darren M. Popik (MONTERREY) — It’s the home of Carta Blanca beer, the Sultanes baseball club, the highly-regarded Tec de Monterrey university, and Cemex, one of the world’s largest cement … Continue reading

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The 787 Dreamliner Takes Flight in Mexico

By Darren M. Popik (MONTERREY) — It’s not everyday that I get to the airport at 4:02 am for a flight that is scheduled to depart at 7 am. But … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … and it’s not even Halloween yet

It may only be mid-September — and technically still SUMMER until the 22nd — but that’s not stopping the malls from getting into the Christmas spirit. Here’s the scene at … Continue reading

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Fun with the CNTE: The Nonsense Continues! (Photo Gallery)

This is the scene Tuesday (midday) at Reforma and Insurgentes, where the fun continues with the protesting radical teachers union, the CNTE. They continue to block traffic and disrupt millions … Continue reading

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