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Consumer Alert: FRAUD at Mac PC Care

(Oct 20 EDITOR’S NOTE: Since first publishing this story, we have run into dozens of other customers with similar experiences with this fly-by-night operation.)

Finding decent customer service always seems to be a challenge in Mexico City — and almost anywhere in Latin America, for that matter.

But there comes a point when you say “enough is enough” and you throw down the gauntlet. Incompetence is one thing, but then there’s the outfit we inform you of today, which takes bad business to a whole new level.

We alert our readers to a so-called computer repair shop in the Condesa, known as “Mac PC Care”, located at Campeche 228 B, near Insurgentes. (OCT 20 UPDATE: These swindlers have moved to Insurgentes Sur 363.)

The new location of the fly-by-night Mac PC Care, on Insurgentes Sur.

The new location of the fly-by-night Mac PC Care, on Insurgentes Sur.

mac pc care condesa 02

Based on the storefront (and their website), it would appear that they specialize in repairs of all things Apple — Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, etc.

But based on actual experience, we’d suggest their specialize in breaking the law.

Specifically, robbery.

We took a Macbook Pro to them in the first days of March.

It took quite a while to get an estimate — about one month. That itself is ridiculous.

The quote was for more than we were willing to pay (and they only accept payment in cash), so we asked that they return the computer to us, and we would simply pay the 200 peso revision fee, but nothing more.

What followed? Delays, excuses … and yet more delays and excuses. After we questioned them over what was going on, we finally had our attorney contact them.

At that point, they promised to repair the computer, without charge.

This was near the end of April.

Since that time, we have made repeated visits to the shop — often multiple times per week — trying to get our computer, or at the very least, answers as to what is going on.

Fed up, we even asked that they simply return the computer in its current state, as is. Up to a point, we were willing to write them off as being merely incompetent. But no more.

We are now in the middle of July — four and a half months later after our ordeal began, and this disreputable outfit has NOT complied with their obligations at any point. (EDIT: IT IS NOW OCT 20, AND THEY ARE STILL PLAYING GAMES!)

They are, in effect, holding our computer hostage. It is, as our attorney suggests, robbery, plain and simple.

We have not seen our computer since the day we left it with Mac PC Care. They claim to have a workshop somewhere else, where our computer allegedly has been ever since. Thus, it is never in the store when we pay a visit. How are we to know they have not simply stripped it of parts, or sold it off? They present us no proof either way. That, our friends, is sheer dishonesty.

We’re Not the Only Ones

It had occurred to us that perhaps ours was simply an isolated incident.

But our research has shown that this outfit has a number of other disgruntled former customers.

On one of our visits to the shop, another customer was reaming them out for their continued tardiness in dealing with his computer.

And worse, on another visit, we met yet another customer who took an iPad in for repair … ONE YEAR AGO!

Compound this with the fact that he says the iPad was somehow broken while in the care of Mac PC Care. (Kind of ironic, no?) Well this gentleman was still fighting with them for compensation one year later.

These are but two other examples, on top of our case. And we are aware of others. (If you’d like to read some other cases, check out this story and others found in forum Note: In Spanish.)

So, if you value your computer, do not take it to Mac PC Care. And if you had the unfortunate experience of dealing with them — or any other disreputable business — report them to the authorities.

Take Legal Action

First and foremost, file a claim (denuncia) with the nation’s consumer agency, PROFECO. (Here’s a convenient link.)

Do not let clowns like these take advantage of you as a consumer.

As for our case, it’s now proceeding through legal channels. And we have more cards to play in our dealings with Mac PC Care, but we will hold them close to our chest until the matter is resolved.

The people at Mac PC Care made a grave error when they decided to try to screw us over with our computer. Now they will see how we do not stop until we get justice.


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