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The Mystery of the Disappearing Half and Half Cream

This is not a Starbucks anywhere in Mexico. (Photo: MexDFmagaine)

This is not a Starbucks located anywhere in Mexico. (Photo: MexDFmagaine)

This is a photo from Starbucks. Can you guess where this photo might have been taken?

Well, don’t bother guessing Mexico, because if it were, you’d never see half and half cream or milk put out like this for customers (with the exception of Puerto Vallarta, last time we checked).

Why is it that Starbucks’ Mexico cafes will not put out half and half cream and milk for their customers?

Every single Starbucks in the US and Canada put out the canisters of cream and milk on the bar with the sugar and napkins. Mexico Starbucks outlets used to do this too, as they should. Instead, some time ago, the management at conglomerate Alsea (who run Starbucks operations in Mexico) decided to hide it from customers, forcing you to ask them to put milk in your coffee for you.

This is wrong on all levels. First, we the customers can do it ourselves — we’re not helpless children (except possibly for your two-year old customers, but chances are they’re accompanied by someone significantly older than two). And secondly, how often are they able to add the right amount of milk? It happens from time to time, but it’s usually just coincidence.

We know more than a few customers who used to drink their coffee with cream, but have stopped doing so — at least when visiting Starbucks, because it’s a hassle to get them to do it right, when it would be so much simpler to leave the canister out for the customers to do it themselves.

And third, it’s often hard to even find half and half in a Mexican Starbucks anymore. When you ask for it (or “breve”, as they like to call it), more often than not, you’re met with an “Oh, we don’t have that.” What? No, they’d rather offer you the standard milk, or the awful watery light version of milk (skim milk, or whatever they choose to call it).

Well, there is nothing more unappealing to drink than off-black coffee with watery milk. It’s just not right. You might as well go drink something else, preferably at another cafe.

So, learn to drink your coffee black, or just go elsewhere for your coffee, and stick with Starbucks north of the border.

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