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Popeye’s, Where Have You Gone?


Once upon a time, Mexico City was home to a great fried chicken restaurant.


In fact, there were once a number of locations – 10 in all – notably across from the World Trade Center, and on Calle Genova in the Zona Rosa.

But then around 2009, franchisee Alsea decided they were tired of the chain, and they shut all their locations down. Boo.

Truly, it was as significant an error as has ever happened in the history of this city. Wrong wrong wrong.

KFC – at least outside the U.S. – has become a lame outlet serving nothing more than chicken sandwiches and hardly any side items worth noting, other than mashed potatoes.

Popeye’s,  on the other hand, has tasty rice and beans, not to mention mashed potatoes with a great cajun style gravy.

These days, you can find Popeye’s as far away from the U.S. as Panama and Chile, as illustrated by the above photo, of the new Popeye’s in the Providencia district of Santiago.

But in Mexico City, we fried chicken fans have little to cheer about.

Popeye’s,  please fix this grave injustice, and find some new franchisees to bring your product back to our city!

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