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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Superama’s Phony ‘Lower’ Prices

The people who run Mexico’s Superama grocery stores (a division of Wal-Mart Mexico, or Walmex) must think their customers are either stupid or just suckers who will pay any price.

They’re running a campaign promoting ‘lower prices’, but it’s as fraudulent as a three dollar bill.

If the country’s consumer protection agency, Profeco, had any teeth, they would charge Superama management with fraud.

As a monitor of prices, we have a pretty good idea of what things normally to cost.

To cite just three specific products … a couple weeks ago at the Condesa Superamas, you could buy cans of Monster Energy drink for 24.50 pesos, a box of Nature Valley granola bars for 33 pesos, or Johnsonville sausages for 27.50 pesos.

As of this week, Monster is 31.50, Nature Valley 39.90, and Johnsonville 57. That’s increases of 28.6%, 20.9%, and 109% respectively.

Uh, lower prices?

Making Superama’s phony low price campaign even more offensive, is what they’ve done with the Nature Valley products: First, they raised the price from 33 to 42. Then after a few days at this price, the put up a sign proclaiming a new everyday low price of 39.90!


That is fraud, pure and simple. And Superama management should be forced to publicly apologize to its customers, and pay severe fines for trying to con us.

Then there are their outrageous prices on fruit. Like nectarines for 71 pesos per kilo, or kiwis for 67 pesos … no gracias.

We really can’t wait for HEB to come set up shop in Mexico City, to provide some good competition to Superama. (The Texas chain, already a big player in Monterrey and northern Mexico, is negotiating to buy Comercial Mexicana.)

Can’t happen soon enough.

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