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No Más Plantones: A Protest against Mexico City’s Endless Protests

Today on Avenida Reforma, at the Angel de Independencia, small business owners, restauranteurs, and others harmed by the actions of the radical Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de Educación (CNTE) teachers group have gathered to stand up for their rights — and those of all residents of Mexico City — in saying NO MORE to the CNTE and other such groups who install themselves in public spaces and cause major damage to small enterprises in the city.

Protest against Protests, Angel de Independencia. (Photo: Darren Popik)

The protest against protests, at the Angel de Independencia. (Photo: Darren Popik)

In a sense, it’s a protest against the city’s never-ending protests.

But while the city’s absent mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, continues to hide and refuse to act against lawbreakers, legislators in the Distrito Federal are taking action to put a halt to the economic damage the CNTE and other groups wreak on the city, every time they close down streets and set up plantones (camps) in public spaces, like the Zócalo and the Monumento a la Revolución.

It’s being estimated that the CNTE has caused damages in the order of 250 million pesos in commercial activity just at the Monumento a la Revolución alone, as local businesses have seen a whopping 80 percent fall in sales.

Prior to that, the CNTE was responsible for 750 million pesos in damages in and around the Zócalo, while they set up their camp there. Some 28,000 businesses closed up as a result.

And this is to say nothing of the mess they leave behind — garbage everywhere, and general filthy conditions.

By the way, unlike the lawless protesters from the CNTE, today’s crowd was fighting back by not blocking any avenue or impeding traffic anywhere.

And the mayor? Will he ever take any action to protect the citizens of his city?

Our other question which has yet to be answered is this — who’s financing this ongoing CNTE protest? Will the union leaders ever answer this question?

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