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Pizza Mafia: Good Food, at non-Condesa Prices

* NOTE: As of November 2013, Pizza Mafia is OUT OF BUSINESS.

By Alex Paschuk 

What would you say to good food, good service, and a nice atmosphere — all at non-Condesa prices?

Sounds good, right? Well guess what — you can get this right in the Condesa.

Pizza Mafia, before the lunch crowd hits.

Pizza Mafia — before the lunch crowd hits.

Pizza Mafia (love the name) just opened its doors in April (at Campeche #429, between Cuernavaca and Pto Real), and after just one visit, I’m already looking forward to returning.

They’re located just off the busy calle Michoacán, so if you want to enjoy your lunch in a little quieter atmosphere, this is a perfect spot. They have a few outdoor tables, but you can also sit and overlook the street even from the inside of the restaurant — something nice for those of us who enjoy people watching.

Their menu is simple — basically, it’s pizza and pasta. But they also offer empanadas and a half-dozen dessert options (different cakes, plus apple strudel).

On this visit, I tried the lasagna de carne, a great deal for just 30 pesos (same price as their other pastas, spaghetti and ravioli).

My lunch - lasagna de carne, con una copa de vino tinto.

My lunch – lasagna de carne, con una copa de vino tinto.

When I saw the price, I was expecting something that was bite-sized. But no, the portion they offered me was about the same size as what I’ve received at other restaurants in the neighborhood — not truck-stop sized, mind you, but a perfect amount for me.

But at other restaurants (like Grappelli, just a block away, and which we also reviewed), you’ll pay three times the price. Or more.

And more important than the price, my lasagna tasted great. I’ll definitely order it again.

Curious about the pizza though, I noticed another customer had ordered an individual sized pizza (jamón serrano with queso cabra). So I asked him for his verdict — he gave a big thumbs-up sign.

Pizza Mafia sells pizza in two sizes — individual, and full-size. Individual pizzas go for 35-45 pesos (six varieties to choose from). Full-size pizzas go for 135-175 pesos.

At this point, I need to point out the beverage menu.

See, whenever I go for Italian cuisine, I always feel the need to accompany my food with wine (generally, vino tinto).

And so, that’s what I had — a glass of vino tinto (Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile’s Viña Maipo) for a mere 15 pesos.

And then, I had another.

If beer is more your thing, you can get that for 20 pesos. And if you’re sticking to non-alcoholic beverages, try a cappuccino for 18 pesos, or a simple cafe americano for 15. They even do smoothies too.

There’s not really much more I can say about Pizza Mafia, other than to say they get high marks in all the qualities that matter — quality of food, atmosphere, service, and price. So I’ll be going back regularly.


After a second visit, I can add a little more.

We tried the pizza (pepperoni), as well as a couple empanadas (carne, and rajas con queso).

The pizza (individual size) was pretty standard. Compared to other pizza I’ve had in the neighborhood, I’d rate it at least equal, if not better.

The portion size was enough for me today, though if I were super hungry, I could probably use two.

But I also came to try the empanadas, so an empanada plus the pizza was perfect.

The empanadas come in two sizes – basically, small (12 pesos) or large (24 pesos), depending how hungry you are. And the verdict on both counts — carne and rajas con queso — is that they are both very tasty. Definitely recommended to start your meal.

And, on my second visit, I have to again highlight the very excellent service. Friendly and attentive all the way around. It’s a very welcoming place.

And as before, a glass of the Viña Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon was the perfect accompaniment to our lunch.

Pizza Mafia is open Monday-Saturday from 1-9 pm, Sundays from 1-6 pm. 

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