News, features, and commentary from the biggest city in the Americas, Mexico City.

At the Fair: Feria de las Culturas Amigas

By Darren M. Popik — One of Mexico City’s most interesting fairs is now underway! This year’s edition of the Feria de las Culturas Amigas (running May 25-June 9) is … Continue reading

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Feliz Día del Maestro! Happy Teachers’ Day!

By Fritz Schtickelmeyer — May 15th is the day we set aside in Mexico to honor our teachers. Those who work hard to teach, build character, and help inspire young … Continue reading

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How to get a Cheap Airfare in Mexico: Domestic Flights

By Darren M. Popik — Though it may be the biggest city in the Americas, finding cheap airfares out of Mexico City can sometimes be a challenge. And remember, you … Continue reading

May 14, 2013 · 6 Comments

Pizza Mafia: Good Food, at non-Condesa Prices

* NOTE: As of November 2013, Pizza Mafia is OUT OF BUSINESS. By Alex Paschuk — What would you say to good food, good service, and a nice atmosphere — all at … Continue reading

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History and Film: Cinco de Mayo, La Batalla (REVIEW)

By Darren M. Popik — As a general rule, I enjoy movies based on actual historical events. And Mexican history is of particular interest to me. For that reason, I’ve … Continue reading

May 3, 2013 · 2 Comments

The Secret to Money Exchange in Mexico City

By Fritz Schtickelmeyer — This week, I’ve reconfirmed an observation I’ve made on many occasions in this city. The best place to exchange money in Mexico City is not at … Continue reading

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