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Wendy’s Mexico and the Great Baconator Fraud

By Darren M. Popik —

As a proud carnivore, it’s a dark day when I must stand up and let it be known that one of my formerly favorite hamburger restaurants appears to be involved in a scam.

False advertising, for sure.

The restaurant in question is Wendy’s — specifically, their Mexico division.

See, as many of you may know, Wendy’s sells a great burger known as the baconator.

Two patties of beef, two pieces of cheese, and SIX — YES, SIX! — strips of bacon.

However, the baconator you get, may depend on where you live …

The Baconator, as advertised on Wendy's Mexican website.

The Baconator, as advertised on Wendy’s Mexico website.

See, a couple months ago, on a visit to the Wendy’s on Calle Genova (Zona Rosa) in Mexico City, I decided to order a baconator combo.

And I couldn’t believe what I received.

I got a small burger with ONE patty of beef, ONE piece of cheese, and ONE — YES, ONE! — strip of bacon.

On top of that, the beef was undercooked, as was the bacon. Absolutely pathetic.

This is what passes for a "baconator" at Wendy's restaurants in Mexico.

This is what passes for a “baconator” at Wendy’s restaurants in Mexico.

I assumed they must have given me the wrong burger, but I was very hungry, so I ate my burger anyway.

I mean, their junior bacon cheeseburger at least comes with two strips of bacon (and generally on the crispy side, the way bacon was meant to be). But to sell a burger advertised for its bacon content, with just one strip of bacon?

Fast forward one month …

I stop by this same Wendy’s again. And I want bacon. So, I order the baconator again, assuming I’ll get the right hamburger this time.

What did I get?

I got exactly the same burger as before — and it was even undercooked, just like the previous time! As you can see by my photo, it’s a far cry from what a baconator is supposed to be.

So, in the end, I have to conclude that Wendy’s Mexico is conning the public. I say I have to conclude this, because nobody from Wendy’s will respond to my complaint.

Is this genuinely what they pass off as a baconator in this country?

They should be ashamed of themselves. The chain’s founder, Dave Thomas — God bless his soul — never would have allowed this to go on at any of his restaurants.

I have attempted to contact the people at Wendy’s (via email to their Mexico City office), as well as posting a message to their Mexico Facebook page. But apparently they hate their customers, because nobody has taken the time to respond.

So, fair warning — steer clear of Wendy’s in Mexico.

If you’re in the Zona Rosa, I personally recommend walking right past the Wendy’s, and on to Carl’s Jr., which is just a half a block away on Genova. Here, you’ll get what truly is the finest burger in my mind — their guacamole bacon cheeseburger.

This burger never disappoints, and Carl’s Jr. never tries to con me by giving me a cheap, cut-rate burger. I always get the product, as advertised. And it is outstanding.

It can be a little bit messy to eat, what with the guacamole, but yeah, it’s worth it.

Twitter: @darrenchannel

4 comments on “Wendy’s Mexico and the Great Baconator Fraud

  1. Dave Hansen
    April 30, 2013

    Good for you for speaking out Darren. Although not a Wendy’s fan I would feel that way if they started mucking around with my Teenburger! Give ’em hell. I hope they respond. Dave

  2. Chris
    May 1, 2013

    I would send this article to Wendy’s corporate offices, to the person in charge of PR. That is pathetic.

  3. Chris
    May 1, 2013

    Wendy’s Mexico Rio Nilo 90 Piso 4, Cuauhtemoc, 06500

    Check their webpage, at the bottom is says, “try our baconator, 6 strips of bacon, two patties and two slices of cheese”

  4. wendymaree
    May 6, 2013

    Could be the management, at that particular Wendy’s, is trying to increase profits by shorting customers.

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