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Teavana: Smoke-Free / Libre de Humo de Tabaco!

Teavana: Smoke Free! (Photo: Darren Popik)

Teavana: Smoke Free! (Photo: Darren Popik)

(Español abajo)

Spotted Sunday afternoon in the Condesa … Teavana is now smoke-free!

Yes, now you can enjoy a tea AND fresh air without having to deal with cigarette smokers next to you polluting your airspace. Hurray!

The Condesa is blessed with outdoor spaces to enjoy a meal or beverage in the fresh air. Smoking is not permitted inside restaurants in Mexico City anymore, but unfortunately it is still permitted at outdoor tables, thus destroying the entire concept of sitting outdoors to enjoy FRESH air.

So, we would like to publicly thank Teavana for making their space a more enjoyable one! May the other cafés and restaurants in the Condesa follow your example!

Notado esta tarde en la Condesa … Teavana ahora es libre de humo de tabaco!

Ahora hay al menos un lugar donde puedes disfrutar un té y el aire fresco sin preocuparte por la presencia de fumadores a tu lado.

Queremos dar gracias públicamente a la gente de Teavana por convertir sus mesas al aire libre en una zona libre de humo de tabaco.

Muchas gracias, Teavana!

Que los otros cafés y restaurantes de la zona sigan su ejemplo.

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