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Documentary: The Day is New (VIDEO)

The Zócalo, as it looked when it had trees.

The Zócalo, as it looked when it had trees.

Today we present a remarkable look at life in Mexico City … from 1942.

This film, The Day is New: Dawn to Darkness in Mexico City, is a short documentary by Mexican director Agustin P. Delgado. It shows a day in the life of our city, as it was some 70 years ago.

We see the Zócalo as it hasn’t looked in years — with trees. It’s a far cry from the sterile “Red Square” look of today.

We see streetcars, a mode of transportation that existed in the city between 1856 and 1979.

Even the famous Sanborns’ Casa de los Azulejos makes an appearance in this film.

Take a look and see just how much the city has changed.

7 comments on “Documentary: The Day is New (VIDEO)

  1. Tara Leesa Davis
    July 4, 2013

    This is so wonderful! I love my City! This is where I grew up and – although it has changed ( grown ) a lot, it is still my Home! It is a most wonderful City! I loved this! Thank You so very much for giving me the opportunity to see this! ((*_*)

  2. Elizabeth Camacho
    July 9, 2013

    Este video es un verdadero monumento a la nostalgia de los mexicanos que vivimos este México que se nos fue. Gracias

    • Saúl Lindere
      August 13, 2013


  3. Manuel Monroy
    July 16, 2013

    México today at 2013, at the heart, at the real, was onofortully was the same at
    1930, there are bad on this country, sorry but our ways are the same and olddest as it…

  4. Rafa Ojeda
    July 20, 2013

    Breakfast for “you” come on it only shows the upper classes. Mexico as a strong country? No way! We know we have been a country of a history of corruption at al levels..the result, a video that tries not to show the dark side of our history.The history of the low clsses which are the mayority.

    • Lupita
      August 30, 2013

      Rafa, estas totalmente equivocado………es el primer video que veo de Mexico donde no muestran al indigena con su sombrero sentado en la calle durimiendo a lo pobres – – que si hay muchos – pidiendo limosna, los barrios feos, todo lo feo que tiene un pais, por que no lo hay PERFECTO. ……….Lo siento pero no todos los mexicanos somos campesinos, Mexico tiene cosas bellisimas… Ojala y te pudieras cultivar un poco, y conocer que Mexico es un pais con muchisima cultura, VISITA LA CIUDAD DE MEXICO NO TE ARREPENTIRAS.

  5. Bev
    July 20, 2013

    How I enjoyed this. Wish they had shown Popo and Ixtla.

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