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Cheap Eats and Drinks in the Condesa

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Just over the course of months since we first published this, the info we gathered has changed considerably … Pizza Lupo is gone, Zydeco Bar is out of business due to a kidnapping investigation, El Querreque seems to be shut down, and Yogurtland has closed and become a musical instrument shop. Stay tuned for an updated story.)

Cheap food, and cheap drinks in the Condesa?

Yes, this does exist, or at least, things we would consider good deals (“cheap” being a relative term). And we’re not speaking about street food, or the fare at 7-Eleven or Oxxo. Even in this popular colonia, it is possible to find some deals at the local restaurants, cafes, and bars.  It just takes a bit of effort to find them – and we’ve found a few.

So here’s out list (street food excluded) of some places to check out if you already haven’t. And if you have some favorite bargains of your own, leave us a comment and let us know.

Pizza by the Slice

One of the simplest ways to get a cheap bite to eat is at one of the pizza by the slice joints in the Condesa. We found three places, all of which offer a thin-crust pizza, and quick service, either to stay or to go.

Pizza Amore, corner of Michoacan and Tamaulipas.

There’s Pizza Amore (corner of Michoacan and Tamaulipas, next to La Choperia), which always draws a crowd, especially at lunchtime as well as the evenings, when people want a quick food break before getting back to drinking at one of the many bars in the area. MXN$25-30 per slice.

Pizza Pazza Condesa

Just across the street from them is Pizza Pazza (other side of Barra Argentina and the generic “Burgers” joint). In addition to the many varieties they offer for $25-30 pesos, Pizza Pazza also offers slices of pepperoni for just $15 pesos.

Pizza Lupo, on Atlixco.

And there’s also a newer place, Pizza Lupo (Atlixco #155, between Campeche and Alfonso Reyes). Slices are $25 each, except on Monday, when you can get two of them, plus a drink, for $48.

And now, some non-pizza options.

Barra Argentina

Barra Argentina, on the corner of Michoacan and Tamaulipas.

This place, at the corner of Tamaulipas and Michoacan, offers quick-service Argentine food (to stay or to go), all at very good prices. I must highlight their tasty empanadas (five varieties), at just $21 pesos each. And if you eat in, a glass of vino is just $25 (beer too). Additionally, they have daily specials Mon-Thurs.

Santa Diabla

Santa Diabla, on Tamaulipas.

This large, three-storey restaurant-bar at the corner of Tamaulipas and Fernando Montes de Oca is noteworthy for its Monday offer — 50% off food and drinks (though not all drinks apply). And they show Monday Night Football, so if you’re an NFL fan, that’s your night to visit Santa Diabla.

Zydeco Bar

Zydeco Bar Condesa

Zydeco (Tamaulipas #30) is the place to go for discount drinks on Sundays and Mondays, when they’re 50% off. (Note: Zydeco used to offer 50% off food as well on those days, but instead, they’ve now dropped their food prices, charging the same price everyday.) And Zydeco also promotes Monday Night Football, so this is another good place to watch the game and have a drink or two. Just one cautionary note – recent research indicates that Zydeco does NOT air NFL games on Sundays — only the Monday night games.

El Querreque

This small place (Tamaulipas #143, between Campeche and Alfonso Reyes) offers good deals on breakfasts. Chilaquiles or huevos al gusto go for $29, with coffee or juice an extra $15. Also, they’ve got hot cakes for $24, and a number of other plates ranging from $33 – 39.

Wings Factory

This chain (Tamaulipas #146A) gets points for its drink prices. Every day of the week, there have something at 2 x 1. If it’s beer you want, go on Monday, Thursday, or Sunday.


Yogurtland Condesa.

Yogurtland (Tamaulipas #110 and Sonora #180) offers 2 x 1 yogurt deals on Thursdays.


Nutrisa’s Michoacan location.

This yogurt store (Michoacan #128) also has 2 x 1 Thursdays on their yogurt. And also, now through the end of October, their coffee is also 2 x 1, every day of the week after 4 pm.

Sushi Roll

Sushi Roll, corner of Michoacan and Cuatla.

If sushi’s your thing — and based on the amount of sushi joints in the area, there’s a good chance it is — then Sushi Roll (Cuatla #113A, corner of Michoacan) is the place to go, Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays after 7 pm, when the sushi is 2 x 1.

Black Horse Pub

This British style pub (Mexicali #85, between Tamaulipas and Ensenada) offers 50% off a wide selection of drinks on Tuesday nights; Wednesday is Ladies’ Night, meaning drinks for just $15 pesos (ladies only); and Saturdays, beer is 2 x 1 between 6-9 pm.


Buffalucas’ Condesa location.

This chain specializing in chicken wings, hamburgers, and the NFL, offers beer 2 x 1 Monday-Thursdays, between 5-8 pm. (Fernando Montes de Oca #38-A, corner of Atlixco)

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